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Asset Deal

The takeover of business in insolvency procedure is very specific and difficult, but very interesting.

With his experience in this area, PHENIX EXPERTISE accompanies and advises you in this procurement process offering excellent opportunities.

Actually, PHENIX EXPERTISE knows perfectly the steps as well as the inner workings of the administration of Justice for you help to complete your project.


The speciality oPHENIX EXPERTISE is to explore the opportunities offered by taking over business in difficulty more commonly known as « asset deal« . These companies are to sell as part of a reorganization plan of assignment, or bankruptcy. PHENIX EXPERTISE, specialized consultant, will help you in this process of particular company takeover, of the construction of an offer until its defense before the commercial court. If it is possible to make a « good deal » in taking over a company in difficulty, it is nevertheless essential, before embarking on such a process, to understand the legal aspects of such a recovery. Therefore, it is essential to be accompanied by an expert before embarking on such a project.

Within its mandate and in accordance with our commitments, it is understood that PHENIX EXPERTISE and its employees respect confidentiality and transparency in their actions affected by this company takeover.

Identification of interesting targets

Are you in external growth or you are on the lookout for an opportunity of recovery in your area? Through its networkPHENIX EXPERTISE collects information and records of companies being in bankruptcy proceedings and looking for assignees.

Development of the project of recovery

After the study phase, you have a keen interest in a folder and want to make an offer for trade-in with the commercial court. PHENIX EXPERTISE takes care of all the steps and agrees to return the folder to the registry of the commercial court in time and hour. In fact, PHENIX EXPERTISE will be for role and mission of:

  • manage relationships with agents and court administrators collect information from the company to buy back
  • help you to develop a recovery strategy and define the perimeter and the purchase price
  • write squeeze with your information
  • collect all documents, annexes, certificates etc… necessary for the finalization of the record
  • put your file recovery at the registry of the commercial court in respect of the date deadline.

Presentation of the offer

After your file, the administrator or the legal representative you will convene in order to present your offer in front of the commercial court. PHENIX EXPERTISE will accompany you in this stage where it is essential to defend the project well and to forward everything on the record in order to convince all stakeholders of the company in difficulty. PHENIX EXPERTISE is broken in this exercise and will be a real ‘more’ because we are familiar with the issues and expectations of the organs of the reorganization proceedings or judicial liquidation.

After the Takeover

Given his experience of leader having already taken over companies in liquidation or receivershipPHENIX EXPERTISE will also accompany you post-reprise to help you implement your project and your strategy.

Any asset deal project ? Please feel free to contact PHENIX EXPERTISE

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