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Business creation

You want to starting a business and need advice?

PHENIX EXPERTISE will accompany and guide you in all your paperwork and your decisions related to the creation of your company.


For many reasons, it is often necessary to be accompanied by an expert during the creation of a company. Indeed, the mastery of several concepts (legal, tax, financial…) is essential to create a company and starting on the right foot in an adventure frequently fraught with pitfalls. The decisions taken in the context of a business must be carefully considered to avoid all negative consequences on your future activity or on your personal situation.

PHENIX EXPERTISE accompagne les dirigeants dans la création d'entrepriseThanks to our experience and our multidisciplinary knowledge, our firm PHENIX EXPERTISE will be able to:

  • help you formalize your ideas and your project
  • helping you choose the right legal structure as well as your social status of leader and the tax system
  • write the statutes of the new company (EURL, SARL, SAS, his etc.) as well as various minutes, pacts in Associates etc…
  • help build the case to give to the organizations concerned (form M0 or P0 etc…)
  • ensure the follow-up of the file
  • Finalize business creation through the reception of KBIS


PHENIX EXPERTISE also benefits from a strong network of partners. We actually offer a solution of domiciliation of head office (in Haute-Savoie, near Annecy) with management and cloud your mail redirection. In addition, we will help you identify which you could possibly benefit (ACRE, mother-of-Pearl) and assist you in the process of obtaining financing (Bank loan, loan to entrepreneurship…).


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