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Business Sale

Business transferThe sale of your business is a delicate step for leaders and during which informed expert advice are essential. With his experience in this area, PHENIX EXPERTISE accompanies you in this business transfer process, from A to Z. Guests of our advice to give in and sell your business in the best conditions. PHENIX EXPERTISE fits the means and methods for the circumstances of your project of business transfer. For more information about the firm PHENIX EXPERTISE, click here !

Company sales

You are considering selling your business? Do you need advice? Do not hesitate and contact us to discuss our future collaboration.

After a clear definition of the scope of the mission, PHENIX EXPERTISE is mandated to find buyers that meet your criteria and proceed with the sale of the company in total agreement with your goals. Pass serenely your business with Phoenix Expertise

Our commitments to a successful business transfer

In order to fully achieve its mission, the firm  PHENIX EXPERTISE is committed to:

  • take into account the objectives of the company and its shareholders or officers
  • identify a wide range of companies or groups that may be interested in the takeover of the company
  • evaluate the financial resources of the identified targets, anticipate possible guarantees
  • create a climate of confidence conducive to a better negotiation
  • implement the solution adopted by the customer prepare and animate the various meetings between the shareholders, management and stakeholders part of the record.
  • achieve a sale of the business as quickly as possible

Within its mandate and in accordance with our commitments, it is understood that the firm PHENIX EXPERTISE and its employees respect confidentiality and transparency in their actions affected by this transfer of business.


Our methods for a successful business transfer

The tools developed and used by PHENIX EXPERTISE are specially adapted to transfer projects:

  • development of a memorandum containing the information requested by buyers/investors
  • Constitution of a « data room »
  • the process management tools of the negotiation until the closing of the transfer
  • follow-up of the audits carried out by the buyers/investors and discussion of the findings of the audit
  • followed, with lawyers for the drafting of the legal documentation for the transaction
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