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Liquidation proceedings

You want to declare an insolvency and close your company ?
Don’t take chances and do call an expert!

The firm PHENIX EXPERTISE supports all business executives or managers who have to face a judicial liquidation or liquidation proceedings.


Thanks to our experience in this area, we will arrange for the liquidation of your company be pronounced quickly and that personal interests be protected from any possible attack from the Tribunal. Then contact us! Together we will do an assessment of your situation and we will give you advice.


1. Declaration of cessation of payments and bankruptcy

 Filing for bankruptcy to the commercial court You know trouble for several months and you have no hope of redress? You want to turn the page and start new projects? The liquidation is a collective procedure aiming to put an end to the activity of the company. The first step in the procedure is to file for bankruptcy to the commercial court in accordance with sections R631-1 and R631-2 of the commercial code. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a EURL, an LLC, or even a SA/SAS, PHENIX EXPERTISE guides you through all the stages of the bankruptcy filing, prior to the declaration of cessation of payment until the end of the procedure. Be accompanied by PHENIX EXPERTISE, is:

  • have clear and accurate advice about the process
  • assistance in the management of the enterprise
  • helping to build the case of Cessation of payments (form to fill out, schedules etc…)
  • avoid wasting time in the various intricacies of the administrative services of the courts of Commerce

PHENIX EXPERTISE helps you anticipate rather than to suffer. During such procedures, very difficult to live, the involvement of the leader is paramount. You must stay player in your procedure.


2. Opening the bankruptcy procedure

After filing of declaration of cessation of payments is deposited with the clerk of the Court, you will receive a summons to a hearing which will open the liquidation procedure. PHENIX EXPERTISE accompanies you on a daily basis:

  • in preparing for your hearing to the commercial court
  • to meet the many constraints set by the procedure
  • in your relationship with the judicial attorney (major actor of a collective procedure) and, if applicable, with your lawyer or accountant
  • in the relationship with your partners or creditors (employees, suppliers, bailiffs, tax agencies,…).

Indeed, it can be difficult to deal with its creditors. Outside intervention allows often to take a step back and avoid conflict. Finally, our role will be to facilitate all steps induced by the procedure and help you to protect your personal interests in order to give you the opportunity to bounce to other projects. And we will also be at your side if you want to create a new structure.


3. Radiation of the company

The mission of PHENIX EXPERTISE will end the day of the official cancellation of the company.


Mathieu Burthey, leader of Phenix ExpertiseThese steps are hard to take… Don’t stay alone! Contact me for free and without obligation, we will discuss about your situation. I am able to assist you in this difficult time !

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