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Recovery proceedings

You are considering filing for bankruptcy? You worry about the recovery proceedings ?
Do not stay alone with your difficulties! Solutions exist.

As a « Coach », the firm PHENIX EXPERTISE accompanies business leaders who face a recovery proceedings .

We will help you to prepare and to live this procedure in the best possible conditions. Put all the assets on your side thanks to our expertise !


1. Cessation of payments and bankruptcy

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a EURL, an LLC, or a SA/SAS, PHENIX EXPERTISE guides you through all the stages of the bankruptcy filing, prior to the declaration of cessation of payment until the end of the procedure:

  • administrative support
  • implementation of judicious planning/timing
  • management and arbitration optimized cash (prioritization of deadlines, report…)

2. Collective proceedings: recovery proceedings

PHENIX EXPERTISE helps you anticipate rather than to suffer. During such procedures, very difficult to live, the involvement of the leader is paramount. You must be an actor of your bankruptcy. We can help you maintain your leadership. PHENIX EXPERTISE accompanies you every day :

  • in your relationship with the judicial administrator (leading to a receivership) and, if necessary, with your lawyer
  • in preparing for your hearing to the commercial court
  • to meet the many constraints set by the procedure
  • in the relationship with your partners (employees, suppliers, creditors,…).

It can be difficult to deal with its creditors. Outside intervention allows often to take a step back and avoid conflict.

3. Continuation plan

To get more height of the receivership proceedings, PHENIX EXPERTISE helps you build your recovery plan. We then help you to convince the judicial administrator of its merits and then to validate by the commercial court. We can also assist you throughout its implementation. These steps are hard to take… Don’t stay alone! Contact me for free and without obligation, we will exchange on your situation. I am able to assist you in this difficult time!

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