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Phenix Expertise

The firm PHENIX EXPERTISE wishes to position itself as the preferred of artisans, traders, Advisor leaders, entrepreneurs during the one-off or sustainable difficulties that can meet your business, or your organization. He accompanies them in all development projects, acquisition or sale…

Phenix Expertise supports executives and helps them solve their problemsReal support, the firm follows and guides its clients throughout the management of the crisis or the project that they want to see happen. Employees of  PHENIX EXPERTISE will be force of proposals and solutions to achieve the objectives previously established in the decision of the framework of the mission. Our main mission is to help companies to face new challenges, to anticipate or solve different problems on the financial plan only industrial, organizational or commercial.

PHENIX EXPERTISE will also provide all the legal aspects, service indispensable to carry out missions that we will load. The firm is able to support entrepreneurs in the phase of starting a business and helps them make the right choices. Local player, we are positioned alongside the leader who may encounter difficulties, and effectively assume the role of interface between the head of the company or shareholders and various experts involved in the case (counsel, accountant, Commissioner of accounts, agent or administrators, shareholders etc...) during the procedures of mandate ad’ hoc, backup, reconciliation, recovery or judicial liquidation.

From the first contact, PHENIX EXPERTISE is listening to those leaders who are often isolated and lost in the face of the complexity of the French administrative procedures. An initial diagnosis will be completed and recommendations are provided free of charge and without commitment. Subsequently, a letter of assignment will be established in order to define precisely the scope of intervention of PHENIX EXPERTISE. The fees of the firm are also detailed, the rates are reasonable and appropriate to the size of the company. And no surprise of over-billing! Only the quote amounts will be charged.


The firm was created by the current ruler, Mathieu Burthey in 2012.Mathieu Burthey, leader of Phenix Expertise Fort of these fifteen years of experience as a creator and developer of an industrial group, a company director, and having lived and taken inside on these issues, it will bring you real expertise of the restructuring and the means to remedy the situation. Through its network, its multicultural experiences and knowledge of trades and industrial issues, it will offer a look and an overall for the challenges you face.

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