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The takeover of a company in difficulty or takeover of a company "at the helm" - that is to say the subject of collective proceedings - is very specific, but also very interesting.

With its experience in this field, PHENIX EXPERTISE supports and advises you in this process ofacquisition offering excellent opportunities.

Effectively, PHENIX EXPERTISE perfectly knows the steps as well as the workings of insolvency proceedings for you help carry out your project.

So contact us ! We will take stock of your situation together and provide you with sound advice.

Phenix Expertise, your asset in taking over a company in difficulty

Défaillances d'entreprises : Phenix Expertise accompagne les dirigeants en difficulté.

The specialty of PHENIX EXPERTISE is to explore the opportunities offered by the takeover of a troubled company more commonly known as a takeover " at the bar " or " asset deal ". These companies are to be sold as part of a disposal plan, reorganization or liquidation.

PHENIX EXPERTISE, a specialist advisor, will be able to support you in this very specific process of take back the enterprise, from the construction of an offer to its defense before the commercial court.

Because if it is possible to get a "good deal" by taking over a company in difficulty, it is nevertheless essential, before embarking on such a process, to fully understand the legal and economic aspects of such a recovery. This is why it seems essential to be accompanied by an expert before embarking on such a project.

As part of its mandate and in accordance with our commitments, the firm PHENIX EXPERTISE and its employees respect the utmost confidentiality and transparency in their actions concerned by this mission of taking over a company in difficulty.

Contactez Phenix Expertise et recevez un premier diagnostic gratuit et sans engagement

If you would like to take over a company in the transfer plan, then do not hesitate to contact us today.In addition, the first assessment and diagnosis is free and without obligation! We are at your disposal and will answer you without delay!

1. Identification of interesting targets

PHENIX EXPERTISE identifie des cibles pour une reprise d'entreprise à la barre

Are you in external growth or are you on the lookout for a recovery opportunity in your field? Or you are planning to acquire a company at the bar of the Tribunal? You are interested in the takeover of a struggling business ?

Thanks to its network, in particular with court administrators, PHENIX EXPERTISE collects information and files on companies in insolvency proceedings and looking for assignees.

Then, PHENIX EXPERTISE makes a deep analysis of the information obtained in order to identify the best targets. You can then choose to continue studying one or more files.

2. Development of the business takeover project in difficulty

After the study phase, you have a marked interest in a case and wish to file a takeover offer with the Commercial Court. PHENIX EXPERTISE takes care of all the formalities and undertakes to deliver the file to the Commercial Court Registry on time. In fact, the role of PHENIX EXPERTISE consist of:

  • manage relations with legal representatives and administrators collecting information from the company to be acquired
  • help you develop a take-back strategy and define the scope and purchase price
  • write the trade-in offer using your information
  • collect all the documents, appendices, certificates etc ... necessary for the finalization of the file 
  • submit your recovery file to the Registry of the Commercial Court in accordance with the deadline

If you want to take over a business in the process of disposal, then do not hesitate to consult our complete file!

3. Defense of the offer

After submitting your file, the administrator or the legal representative will summon you to present your offer to the Commercial Court.

PHENIX EXPERTISE will accompany you in this stage where it is essential to defend the project well and to put forward all the assets of the file. The objective is then to convince all the stakeholders of the company in difficulty, as well the receiver as the judges of the Commercial Court, the employees or even the creditors of the previous legal entity.

Indeed, PHENIX EXPERTISE is familiar with this exercise and will be a real "asset" because we are fully aware of the challenges and expectations of the bodies involved in the procedure. recovery or judicial liquidation. We will be able to advise you so that the offer is credible, relevant and detailed.

Reprise à la barre ? faites appel à un expert

4. Post-recovery

Given his experience as an executive having already taken over companies in liquidation or legal redress, PHENIX EXPERTISE can also support you post-takeover to help you implement your project and your strategy. We have the knowledge to support you in any type of field: finance, trade and marketing, sourcing and supply, supply-chain organization etc ... etc ... So do not hesitate to contact us to discuss together your expectations and your needs . We respond to all your requests within 24 hours.

Photo du dirigeant de PHENIX EXPERTISE, Mathieu Burthey

A word from the CEO of PHENIX EXPERTISE

 “Having been an entrepreneur myself, I know perfectly well the process of taking over a company in difficulty. Thus, thanks to our network and our skills, we will support you in your acquisition project. So contact me, the first interview is free and without obligation! 

Mathieu BURTHEY  // Manager

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