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The cabinet PHENIX EXPERTISE wishes to position itself as the privileged adviser of craftsmen, traders, managers, entrepreneurs during the one-off or lasting difficulties that your activity or your company may encounter. He also supports them in all development, acquisition or sale projects ...

Phenix Expertise accompagne les dirigeants et les aide à résoudre leurs problématiquesReal support, the firm follows and guides its clients throughout the management of the crisis or the project they want to see materialize. The collaborators of PHENIX EXPERTISE will be a force for proposals and solutions to achieve the objectives previously set during the definition of the framework of the mission.

Our main mission is to help companies face new challenges, anticipate or resolve the different problematic both financially and industrially, organizationally or commercially. PHENIX EXPERTISE will also ensure all the legal aspect, essential service to carry out the missions for which we will be responsible. The firm is able to support entrepreneurs in the phase of business creation and helps them make the right choices.

Actor proximity, we position ourselves alongside the manager who can meet difficulties , and effectively assume the role of interface between the company manager or shareholders and the various experts involved in the file (counsel, accountant, auditor, legal representative or administrators, shareholders, etc.) during the possible procedures of ad hoc mandate, safeguard, conciliation, judicial reorganization or liquidation.

From the first contacts, PHENIX EXPERTISE listens to these leaders who are often isolated and lost in the face of the complexity of French administrative procedures. A first diagnosis will be carried out and recommendations are communicated in a free and without obligation. Subsequently, an engagement letter will be drawn up in order to precisely define the framework of the intervention of PHENIX EXPERTISE. The firm's fees will also be detailed, the prices are reasonable and adapted to the size of the company. And no surprises of over-invoicing! Only the amounts of the estimate will be invoiced.

The firm was created in 2012 by the current leader, Mathieu Burthey.Mathieu Burthey, dirigeant de Phenix ExpertiseWith these fifteen years of experience as the creator and then developer of an industrial group, company director, and having experienced and taken on these various issues from within, he will bring you real expertise in restructuring and resources. to rectify the situation. Thanks to his network, his multicultural experiences and his knowledge of trades and industrial issues, he will offer you a perspective and a global reflection to meet all the challenges you face.


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