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Photo du dirigeant de PHENIX EXPERTISE, Mathieu Burthey

The manager, Mathieu Burthey

After technical studies, Mathieu Burthey, future ruler of PHENIX EXPERTISE, very quickly moved towards marketing and management studies, which he completed in 1996.

Self-taught, passionate about the world of business and industry, man of challenges and challenges, close to people and attentive to them, creative, mobile and flexible, he is fluent in French, English and Czech, who allows him to have a good understanding of foreign and Slavic cultures in particular as well as a strong ability to adapt.

The day after his training, he took the opportunity to go to Prague in the Czech Republic to exercise managerial and commercial functions in various transport companies.

An entrepreneur at heart

Entrepreneur dans l'âme, Mathieu Burthey est le dirigeant de Phenix ExpertiseIt was in 2002 that he founded and managed Preciturn, which a few years later would become an international multi-business automotive subcontracting group (bar turning, plastic injection, foundry, die-stamping and cold heading). This group, which is present in several countries around the world, has been developed through external growth, either through the creation of a production site (“Green Field”), particularly in Turkey and Bulgaria, or through the purchase of ailing company assets at the helm. commercial courts, either through the disengagement of international groups (“Spin-off”) or through the purchase by mutual agreement of company shares in the context of retirement in particular.

Development halt: founding experiences

The development dynamic of the Preciturn group was abruptly stopped at the end of 2008 when the group had a total of 750 employees and 13 production plants around the world and achieved a turnover of nearly 80 million euros. the crisis, the manager had no other choice than to place several companies in collective procedure (conciliation, safeguard, receivership). Some will see their recovery plan by clearing the liabilities approved by the the Commercial Court, others will find a new start thanks to a disposal plan, and unfortunately, others will be liquidated for lack of a buyer.

It was in August 2011 that Mathieu Burthey decided to sell his group to an Indian group to give it a new chance. This will not happen, the buyer will not keep its commitments and the most important site of the group will be closed just a few months after the sale. Eager to avoid the same end, Mathieu Burthey forces the Indian shareholder to give him back the management of the Monistrol site.

In the meantime, Mathieu Burthey has the opportunity to take over a nautical company. However, he soon realizes that the situation is much more complicated than expected and must face in the storm the large liabilities left by the cedants. Unable to find bank loans, he asks for the liquidation of the company despite the good commercial dynamics newly created and two ships under construction.

Creation of PHENIX EXPERTISE, listening to managers

Logo de Phenix Expertise, cabinet de conseil à l'écoute des dirigeantsOn the strength of his experiences, good and bad, Mathieu Burthey made the choice in 2012 to mobilize his energy, his values, his knowledge and his skills in the service of the leaders who are going or will go through these situations. difficult that he himself experienced. The objective is to be a real support for the leaders who are very often isolated, destitute and under pressure. He thus creates PHENIX EXPERTISE, the consulting firm that listens to managers, whatever their issues.

With the confidence of several clients, Mathieu Burthey now supports companies in difficulty and their managers who have to face insolvency proceedings - for example, the legal redress or the judicial liquidation.

He is also the privileged advisor of companies or industrial groups in external growth in France but also internationally. The cabinet PHENIX EXPERTISE offers two types of acquisitions: business takeover "in bonus" and business takeover "at the helm" subject to bankruptcy proceedings.

Mathieu Burthey also helps all people or companies to succeed in their business creation by giving them all the ins and outs of this essential stage in the life of an entrepreneur.

Phenix Expertise accompagne les dirigeants et les aide à concrétiser leurs projets.

I have been a leader for over 10 years. I myself have experienced many difficulties in my businesses and I know the anxieties they cause. This is why I would like to bring you my knowledge, my skills and my network to help you rectify the situation and ensure the sustainability of your activity. Solutions exist and I will be at your side to guide you, advise you in order to succeed together in making your projects a reality..Mathieu Burthey

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