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I am an executive leader for more than 10 years. I have lived many difficulties in my business and I know the stress they provide. That’s why I want to offer my knowledge, my skills and my network for you help to improve the situation and to ensure the sustainability of your business. Solutions exist, and I’ll be at your side to guide you, advise you in order to achieve the objectives set as part of my mission.Mathieu Burthey

Mathieu Burthey, 43 years old, following his technical studies, oriented himself rapidly towards marketing and management studies, which he completed in 1996. Self-educated, with a passion for enterprise and industry, a man able to face challenges, close to people and willing to listen, creative, mobile and flexible, he speaks fluent French, English and Czech, which allow him to have a good understanding of foreign and Slavic cultures in particular, as well as a strong capacity to adapt.

Right after his training, he seized the opportunity to leave for Prague in the Czech Republic to exercise some managerial and commercial functions in various transport companies.

In 2002, he founded Preciturn, which a few years later became an international sub-contracting group for automotive multi-tasking (machining, plastic injection, molding, cutting, stamping and cold forming). This group had a presence in various countries and was developed through external growth, through the creation of a production site (« Green Field ») notably in Turkey and Bulgaria, by the repurchasing of distressed company assets at the mercy of commercial courts, by the fruits of breakups of international groups (« Spin-offs »), or by the redemption of OTC company shares, most notably from retirement situations.

The dynamics of the Preciturn group came to a grinding halt at the end of 2008 when the group had a total of 750 employees and 13 production factories around the world and was realizing a turnover close to 80 M Euros.
Faced with a crisis situation, the head of the company had no choice but to place several companies into collective conciliation procedure, (backup, legal redress). Some witnessed their plans of redress by settlement of liabilities approved by the tribunal of commerce, others found a new beginning thanks to disposal planning, and others unfortunately were liquidated by the repurchasers.

In August 2011, Mathieu Burthey decided to cede the Preciturn group to the Indian group, Ruia International, to give it another chance. Nothing came of this effort, Ruia did not honor its commitments and the most important site of the group was liquidated (Preciturn Thiers) just a few months afrer the sale. Wishing to avoid the same fate for the site located at Monistrol sur Loire (Saint Etienne), Mathieu Burthey forced Ruia to give him back control of Preciturn Monistrol.

In the meanwhile, Mathieu Burthey had the opportunity of taking over the shipping company Alliaura. However, he soon realized that the situation was far more complicated than foreseen, and he had to face a blizzard of considerable liabilities left over by the assignors. Unable to get some bank loans, he requested liquidation of the company despite its recently created good commercial dynamic and two ships in construction.

Strengthened by these experiences, good and bad, Mathieu Burthey chose to mobilize his energy, his values, his knowledge, and his abilities by the side of others who were going through, or would go through, these difficult situations which he himself had lived. The objective was to be a solid support to company leaders who are quite often isolated, lacking resources and under pressure.
With the trust of his clients, Mathieu Burthey hoped to be able to rapidly develop his activities and to create a team of experts capable of standing by companies in difficulty or industrial groups seeking solutions to deal with issues on the shareholder level, as well as financial or strategic, both in France but also abroad.

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