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Business failures: their volume is down 4.6% over the whole of 2017, according to a Altares study. It is thus about 55 175 cases and allows us to return to the level of November 2008. Another sign of economic recovery, the number of jobs threatened by insolvency proceedings has fallen significantly over the past year. indeed, it falls for the first time in ten years clearly below the threshold of 200,000 (to 166,500).

In terms of distribution, the procedures for judicial liquidations are the most frequent. They represent a little more than 2/3 of the judgments handed down (68%).
37,519 companies were immediately liquidated, while 16,472 others were placed in legal redress and 1,184 in procedures backup.

And for 2018?

It should be noted that this decline in business failures should continue in 2018. Experts estimate that it will be almost impossible to drop below the 50,000 bankruptcy mark. Indeed, according to INSEE sources, 30,000 jobs were preserved over one year. In addition, 269,000 net salaried job creations took place at the end of the third quarter of 2017. These figures illustrate the reality of a return to growth in 2017. This bodes well for 2018 where we estimate that the number of business failures will continue to decline. This will be the major sign of a return to stable growth in the economy. To be continued…

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